USA Day 2

Getting in the rhythm here in the USA. Today was a tour of two TNF stores, one to register Kaburaki for the Endurance challenge on Saturday. We took care of that downtown SF at the Post Street store. Great store and fun vibe with a lot of competitors coming in to sign up and get their bibs etc., Then while Kaburaki was getting a massage we checked out the MOMA museum that was just around the corner. Great choice, it was a cool selection of artwork and a nice shot of inspiration! Highly recommended 18 dollars well spent. Just try to spend more time than we did, only had an hour!


6/4,5『ミツバチの羽音と地球の回転』上映会+ゲストトーク @ Provo Cafe


3/11を境に変わった日本の歴史に今立ち会っている私達が、目を背けず考えな いといけない沢山の問題。
その重要な一つである原発について、まずは知る事。 理解を深め意識を皆で共有する事。

常に危険性が危惧されていてきたにも関わらず、それは一部の国を除く国家や 行政から軽視され今も尚建設の手が広がっている事実があります。




ストップ泊!!-北海道脱原発 持続可能なエネルギーへ-

DATE: 6月4日、5日

◆鎌仲ひとみ 監督作品【ミツバチの羽音と地球の回転】上映会
◆岩内原発問題研究会代表 斉藤武一さんによる原発のお話
◆北海道地球温暖化防止活動推進員/三素 家次敬介さんによるお話

映画入場 / 1000円(高校生以下無料)
席に限りがあるので、1 度の上映につき50 名まで(メール予約制)


A documentary movie about Nuclear Power and the movement against it is going to be shown at Sapporo Provo Cafe on the 4th and 5th of June. I am looking forward to checking it out with other interested folks. If you have the time please stop by and check it out.

Must watch Documentary series

Since the whole world has been shaken up with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster here in Japan, I think it is time we all start thinking about the bigger picture again. Here is a great documentary that covers all of the problems we are facing today and the recent history of how those problems came to be in Politics and business. A must watch documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson.

Is there a documentary out there that deals specifically with power company’s and the monopoly that they have over our economic system? If anybody knows of a good one let me know I want to watch and study up.

It has been really interesting to watch the events unfold here in Japan the last few weeks. Tokyo and the economy there in is completely at the mercy of a single power company. TEPCO. They lose two nuclear power plants and suddenly rolling black outs are wreaking havoc on life and the economy of the worlds largest city. A single privately owned company is the controlling factor of that economy. Of course now TEPCO will not be private for much longer, the Japanese government is going to have to step in and save the company.

Niseko Photography Relief Documentary

The guys at Niseko Photography made a relief trip to the Tohoku area last week and just made a short film about their trip!  Great effort guys and nice to see the smiles on the locals faces as they receive the goods!

I know the snowboard community made a quick effort to donate old snowboard wear and from what I heard a huge amount was gathered and I know that Nobu made a trip to the Hachinohe area to personally deliver a truck load.  I threw in 5 old sets of wear I had laying around and it was great to see all the crew I know pulling out old wear to give away.

Really nice to see locals taking things into their own hands trying to get relief where it is needed asap! Lets keep it happening!

Check out the film here.