good showing

Thanks to everyone who came out for the “This Is My Winter” showing at TNF Harajuku.  It was a great crowd and it was fun to meet and talk with a lot of snow loving people.  The reaction to the movie was great, it is certainly impressive to watch it on a big screen.  We will be doing only two more showings, at Appi on the 28th and in Niseko on the 18th of February.  Hope to see you there!  If you can’t make it please check in out on your computer screen!



Base Knowledge Vol 3

For the Japanese speaking crowd and especially for the ladies out there who are interested in healthy outdoor cooking! This is a special Ustream broadcast from THE NORTH FACE MARCH store in Tokyo a few days ago. Cooking specialist Yamato was the guest and she did a fantastic job! Two good winter cooking recipes, check it out.

North Face Backcountry meeting at Tateyama

I will be joining the North Face team at Tateyama May 8th to the 10th for the annual backcountry meeting, spring version! One of my favorite Japanese mountains to visit, I am looking forward to hiking and riding some great spring corn snow, or maybe a freak powder storm will hit, you never know… The elevation is around 3000 meter so anything can happen! Check out the image photo on the flyer below! That is new team member DCP blasting some powder. No the photo is not Tateyama and DCP is not coming to the event, but the image is great! Hope to see you there.

If you want all the information you can check out the PDF file below!

TNF continued

Back in Sapporo now after two busy days in Tokyo.  The North Face event was amazing, must have been at least 1,000 people there.  So many different types from all different fields.  Athletes, scientists, professors, climbers, fashion designers, actors, you name it they all have something to do with the North Face.  Here is another sampling of photos I shot from that night.

Never Stop Exploring

The North Face samples have been arriving, some great products for this season. For those of us living in Japan, we are very lucky when it comes to The North Face. Not only do we get all the great products they make in the US, but a whole bunch of original Japan only North Face gear. The products below are all from the US, but I will have an update soon of Japan designed stuff.

Great down slippers.  The perfect Car Danchi lifestyle item.  A must for the long drive in the car or just chilling in the log cabin.  The sole is pretty firm so you could even walk around outside a little bit on the snow.

Good gloves are so hard to find.  Last year I used a pair of Black Diamond mittens that I liked.  I really like five fingered gloves better though.  These have good padding on the back and look nice, the real test will come in a few weeks on a really cold day.

The Himalayan!  Amazing down mitten.  This one is a must have for those who want to ride all day and never get cold fingers!  The amount of down they stuffed in there is amazing, 800 fill, like the expensive sleeping bags.

A camera mans best friend.  The power stretch glove with free fingers.  I am going to combine that with the Himalayan above for the cold days standing around taking photos.

The 700 down fill boot with the Icepick sole!  When I saw this I freaked out.  The boot I have been waiting for, finally has arrived!  Warm, practical and it looks good!

Find products near you on the North Face web site.  Japan or International.