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The first winter photo shoot/trip I went on this season was a two night camping trip to Tokachidake, early December. The snow was incredible, and we were super lucky with the weather. While the Japan sea-side of Hokkaido was getting hammered with snow we were blessed with sunny conditions. It was pretty cold though, my first winter camping experience was -20 degrees! Thanks to Hobo Jun, Fukutaki, Chunchun and our guide Fuji Ken!

You can check out the whole magazine online here.

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Here are a few screen shots of the story with my photos.

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Gallery is open!

My Instacanvas Gallery is now open and ready for business! is a new service that allows people to pick and order photos to be custom printed on canvas in three sizes and shipped directly to your door. Where do the photos come from? Instagram! the popular photo blogging service that Facebook thought important enough to pay a billion dollars for!

I personally think it is important enough to have shot and shared over 3500 photos with the application. It is fun and easy and now I have the opportunity to make some of those photos available for sale in my gallery. I have gone back and selected a bunch of shots that I like from my feed over the last three months. There is a little bit of winter photography, and some more recent shots from my two-week near Mt Fuji and even my trip to Okinawa where I am right now.

I plan to keep this gallery active and fresh and I have some interesting ideas how to utilize it. Check it out directly and bookmark if you like it check back every now and then! Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy!

Von Zipper catalog

Just got my copy of the new Von Zipper catalog for Japan 2011-2012. A photo I shot of Uemura is used inside the catalog this year. Shot the photo in Niseko in January, look quite nice in the catalog. Very high quality printing and photography in this VZ catalog. Check it at a store near you.

Flashback to Nagasaki

Have been working non-stop around the house the last few days, lots of carpentry projects to get done before the snow starts falling here in Sapporo.  It is starting to get colder each day so there is an urgency to the work!  Not much time to blog or tweet.  Here are a few left over photos from my trip to Nagasaki last month.

Hotel shooting again

I am back on the hotel photography again. Another job from the same client I had a few weeks ago, I guess my work proved good! Too bad the pay isn’t proving to be so good…. More on that later.

Shooting hotel rooms and lobby’s gets pretty boring after the first hour or two, but it certainly help make one a better photographer. Angles, lighting, positioning, lens selection, and of course tons of work on the computer balancing everything out after getting home. Here are a few selections. I shot about 2000 photos and selected that down to about 400 usable shots. From there the web designer will take whatever he likes.

Welcome sweets and tea upon check in.

The hot springs.

Japanese/French style dinner.  Sushi appeared from the kitchen floating on top of dry ice!  Sushi from heaven.

Teppan yaki chef getting fancy.

Check out the room!  This one is called Spa Living!  I think we get the point!

Photo sharing in Japan

I am searching for a good photo sharing service in Japanese.  I have joined the organizing committee for an upcoming photo contest here in “Jozankei Onsen” and I want to have everyone share their photos online.  Went to Flickr and was suprised to find they don’t have a Japanese site version yet.  I discovered the two sites below, but wanted to see if anybody out there might have some input or advice.  Ease of use, and preferably an international site that has an English version as well, that is what I am looking for. Oh yeah has to be free to join as well.  Hit me with some comments if you know anything.

Read about Japanese site only.

ピクチャ 5

Then found Global as well as Japanese site.
ピクチャ 4