Car Danchi Camper for sale!

The Camper van has been sold!  Thanks to all who sent in offers!

Camper van for sale!

The legendary camper featured in the snowboard movie series “Car Danchi” is for sale!
Custom built on a Toyota HILUX truck Manual 5 Speed 2800cc 3L engine. This camper is made for the all terrain all access go anywhere lifestyle!

Legal to carry up to 7 people, and comfortably rides and sleeps 4 or 2 adults and 3 kids.
It has all the basics and none of the unneeded items like a shower that you never use.
It features a sink a table.  Plug for external electric hook up

Window screens and shades.
Very warm to sleep in even in the winter.
Has a heater that runs off of the diesel fuel (I never used it).
Air suspension for level sleeping and carrying heavy loads.
Summer and winter tires included.
Shaken for TWO YEARS. Valid until 2016 July 14th. Just paid ¥170,000 for that!
Stereo / CD player

Best offer takes the camper! Including a full tank of gasoline, window washer fluid, an ice scraper, sunscreen for front window and maybe a few other goodies!

Time limit for offers August 15th

Price ideas.  My local car repair master tells me the Toyota Hilux is worth about ¥600,000 just as parts.  A check of similar campers on the internet shows some dealers selling this type model with similar mileage for about ¥1,200,000 or more.  So some where between those two numbers!

I have added a form at the bottom of this post to send in comments, questions, and offers!

Now check out a few photos for details!

Look how good it looks on the road!

Camper 1

Camper 6

Spare tire on the front.  Needs to be removed for the bi yearly “Shaken” test.  This keeps the car registered as a vehicle under the 5 Meter limit which means ferry fees and highway tolls are the same as a passenger car.

Camper 3

Camper 4

Large awning rolls out and makes for a shady spot.  Fiamma brand.

Camper 9

The body is not much wider than the truck itself which makes driving easy on Japan’s rather narrow roads.

Camper 7

Screen door and step.

Camper 8

Beds ready for sleeping!

Camper 10

Table mode.

Camper 14

Camper 11

Sink and storage.  The sink is basically there to keep the “8” (camper) license number.  I never had the need to use the sink as there are sinks and bathrooms all over Japan.  The doesn’t mean you cannot use it, there is a tank underneath the camper that collects the drain water as required.

Some storage space underneath the sink and storage under both seats.

Camper 12

Electrical control and battery check panel.

Camper 13

Windows have built in screen and shade.  Just pull up or down depending on the season and activity.

Camper 16

HID headlamps that cost me ¥50,000 and are worth the cost.  Very bright and makes for safe driving!

Camper 17

Electrical hookup.

Camper 18

Captains position!

Camper 19

Storage space behind the drivers seat.

Camper 20

Now if you still want to see more watch the video I made about the camper below.  All in Japanese but you will be able to get a good idea of what it looks like and drives like!


年式 H5(1993)
燃料 軽油 3L
乗車定員 7名
走行距離 85773 キロ

Facebook @neilhartmann


Car Danchi Tokyo premier! 9/20

Tokyo Premier Flyer

「Car Danchi 7 GEAR」と「ANOTHER WORLD」の試写会、

お忙しい中、お手数をお掛けいたしますが、是非、以下をご一読頂きまして、ご 担当されている

[9/20日開催のをします「Car Danchi 7 GEAR」と「ANOTHER WORLD」の試写会をLOVE SNOW FILM COLLECTIONに小林優太も参加!!]
9/20日に開催が決定した、「Car Danchi 7 GEAR」と「ANOTHER WORLD」の試写会、
毎年CAR DANCHIシリーズでも良い滑りを見せてくれる若手ライダーも参加し、更に熱い夜になること間違いなし!!
日時:9月20日(金) OPEN 20:55 START 21:10予定
場所:ヒューマントラストシネマ渋谷 シアター1
〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-23-16 ココチビル8F)
電話番号: 03-5468-5551


入場料金:前売りのみ ¥1,000 / 全席指定
前売券販売開始予定日及び購入方法:2012年9月6日(金)より 、ビジュアライズイメージの電話対応のみ 03-6273-2686

・〈座席番号付き入場券〉へのお引き換えの受付は2013年9月17日(火)より当該劇場窓口にての昼10時より映画館窓口にて行っておりま す。

車団地 Car Danchi 7 GEAR
出演:中川伸也、清原勇太、渋谷謙、小林優太、山内一志、見野雄祐、石川寛文、増田塁揮 、吉野”ヤット”康人、奥村幸司、Antti Autti、Alvaro Vogel、Tyler Chorlton、植村能成、Paul Vanderheiden a.k.a Boarder-san、下村基樹 、土井隼人
3,990円税込予定価格 9/20日店頭発売開始予定

出演:清原勇太、高橋烈男、高井隆司、増田塁輝、吉野”YATTO”康人、角野友基、藤田一海、竹内正則、豊田貢、壁田竜一、青野令、中野貴 元、楠泰輔、美谷島慎、Antti Autti、Saku Tiilikainen、Dylan Thompson、Nick Pooch
3,990円税込予定価格 9/20日店頭発売開始予定

Tel: 03-6273-2686

Car Danchi 7 package design revealed!

Time to show everyone the package design for the new edition of Car Danchi. Big thanks to my favorite designer Etsu! Check out her site Etsu Lab for more great work. She knows what I like and always comes up with a great package design for me. NO exception this year!

The rider on the cover is Ken Shibuya who lives in Tsugaike, Nagano, Japan and rides for Voltage snowboards! His first time on the cover with a classic layed out heel side turn.

The photos for both the front and back were shot by Key Sato long time friend and compadre here in the Hokkaido snow scene! Check out his site and FB for more regular updates!

Don’t forget the DVD goes on sale 9/20 here in Japan and iTunes around the world shortly after!

7th Gear package design

7th Gear package design

Car Danchi 7 teaser released!

Check it out a new edition of my Car Danchi movie series is going to be hitting stores on the 20th of September 2013 and then iTunes a little bit after that!

“Hang on we are about to reach warp speed!”
“We are in 7th gear and there is no turning back now! The 7th edition of the Car Danchi winter lifestyle series takes you on a trip deep into the powder of Northern Japan. The Danchi crew grows with new additions from our European family joining the free ride sessions, and the bottomless powder does not disappoint with one of the biggest snow seasons on record. Keep your seat belts on for this high-speed powder ride as we take the art of the turn into 7th gear and beyond.”

The 7th edition of the Car Danchi series come with another incredible music selection featuring some of Japan’s best techno, deep house and future Jazz along with an international selection of Hip Hop, acoustic rock and funk. If this wasn’t a snowboard movie it could be a compilation mix album!

Featured artists:
EPICK, L.E.D., Flare aka Ken Ishii, Kuniyuki Takahashi, INO hidefumi, Clare Means
Clint Lapointe, Charles Rangel, Seboo

ニール・ハートマンがプロデュースする全世界待望の車団地シリーズ最新作「Car Danchi 7th GEAR」が遂に動き出した!!日本のフリーライディング、スノーサーフィンといった質の高いライディング・シーンはもちろん、ライダー達のライフスタイルを追いかけたドキュメンタリー・ムービーの勢いは今年も止まらない。

今回の最新作では、ヨーロッパの団地メンバーAntti AuttiやAlvaro Vogelといったライダーも参加し、北海道の道北でディープ・パウダー・トリップの模様を収録。また現在のスノーボード・シーンで注目を集めている、日本のフリー・ライダー清原勇太や小林優太の熱いバックカントリーの攻めや、長年、Car Danchi住民になっているお馴染みの山内一志、中川伸也、見野雄祐らの、気持ちいいライディング・スタイルも収録。

加えて今回の作品に使用されているニールのこだわりのセレクションというサウンドトラックが、作品に絶妙なエッセンスを加えている。日本のテクノDJ KEN ISHIIのニュー・プロジェクト「FLARE」からのエレクトリック・グルーヴや、INO hidefumi、L.E.D.、Kuniyuki Takahashiのジャジー・スタイル。そして今回、アメリカのアンダーグランド・アーティストで、EPICK、Clint Lapointe、Charles Rangelらも参加。

独自の世界を世界に向けて更に加速するCar Danchi!!観たら滑りたくなるスノーボード&スキー・ムービー、それがCar Danchi!!


中川伸也、清原勇太、渋谷謙、小林優太、山内一志、見野雄祐、石川寛文、増田塁揮 、吉野”ヤット”康人、奥村幸司、Antti Autti、Alvaro Vogel、Tyler Chorlton、植村能成、Paul Vanderheiden a.k.a Boarder-san、下村基樹 、土井隼人

DVD Distribution and inquiries:

〒150-0047 東京都渋谷区神山町2-10 吉田Yビル3F
TEL: 03-6273-2686 / FAX : 03-3468-2658
mail to

Visualize Image K.K
2-10 3F Kamiyamacho Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 150-0047
TEL: 03-6273-2686 / FAX : 03-3468-2658
mail to

Package cover photo: Key Photo
Rider: Ken Shibuya
Package Design: etsu

Still Life new story online

In February I had the chance to stay at the Onsen House in Chisei and shoot with HF and crew for a few days! Amazing snow, perfect lodging, nice food, and a hot spring that empowers the body! Check out the double slide show of photos from the trip after the link!

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 12.10.06 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 12.08.53 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 12.08.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 12.07.52 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 12.06.30 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 12.06.14 AM

Field Life Magazine online

The first winter photo shoot/trip I went on this season was a two night camping trip to Tokachidake, early December. The snow was incredible, and we were super lucky with the weather. While the Japan sea-side of Hokkaido was getting hammered with snow we were blessed with sunny conditions. It was pretty cold though, my first winter camping experience was -20 degrees! Thanks to Hobo Jun, Fukutaki, Chunchun and our guide Fuji Ken!

You can check out the whole magazine online here.

The website here

Here are a few screen shots of the story with my photos.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 10.52.16 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 10.52.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 10.52.32 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 10.52.40 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 10.52.56 AM

Niseko Onsen House! For the powder hunter

In the post below I introduced my new project with the Weiss hotel and how I decorated the lobby and lounge with my photos. The Weiss hotel is a great place to stay if you are looking for someplace affordable and fairly convenient to Hanazono and the new, soon to start Cat Boarding tour service offered by Niseko’s legendary guide company N.A.C

Today I want to introduce a lodge/rental house that is a grade above, a space that will surely please the powder hunters out there. If you are coming to Niseko with a tight-knit group of say 4 to maybe 9 people and you want to be right at the ultimate location for deep deep powder and close access to backcountry riding in Niseko, this is the place to reserve. Simply named “Onsen House”, I stayed for one night to check it out myself and I have to say I wanted to move in and live there! Located within walking distance of Chisei Nupuri, this is a classic Hokkaido house that has been converted by the new owner just this year. Roomy with vintage Hokkaido mountain stylings, it has been updated perfectly to be a ski/snowboard friendly house. Drying spaces, amazing natural hot springs that can easily fit four people at a time, wood stove, counter kitchen, huge fridge, comes with a Land Rover to use while you stay, great art on the walls, and lots more.

Chisei Nupuri is a very small resort, in fact the word resort is not right. Ski hill is more appropriate. About 20 to 30 minutes drive from the Hirafu village center, Chisei is at a higher elevation on the road to Goshiki Hot Springs, the end of the road during winter time. It is the starting place for hiking Iwaonupuri and maybe other classic Niseko lines. With only one hooded three-man lift it does not seem like much, but I can tell you I have had some life changing powder experiences at Chisei. If fact I am not going to say much more about it because I would rather keep it a local secret! It is that good.

If you do stay at the Onsen House and you want to have a special backcountry experience I highly recommend using the services of one of the many talented guide companies in Niseko. I personally recommend Powder Company guides. I have taken several tours with them in the Chisei area and those guys have that area mastered! Maximum pow with minimum walking!

So check out the photos I took, them check out the official website for the Onsen House, then get your reservation in, this place with book out pretty fast!

A bear cub to welcome you

A bear cub to welcome you

Hokkaido made art

Hokkaido made art

Onsen house6

Counter kitchen modeled by my girls

Counter kitchen modeled by my girls

Great views

Great views

Vintage wood

Vintage wood

Classic Hokkaido stylings

Classic Hokkaido stylings

Hot Springs in the house!

Hot Springs in the house!

I am ready to get back out there just looking at these pictures. Don’t forget to check the Onsen House website for some high quality photos and more details about the property. See you out there!