Car Danchi on sale in North America

The moment many have been waiting and asking for is finally here! Car Danchi NO.5 is now available for sale on-line in the USA! If you live in North America and want to get a copy of my latest film effort, please follow the link below and throw one in your shopping cart!

I have been making Car Danchi movies for the last 7 years and until now they have never been on sale in the USA. It was always too difficult to find a distributor and shipping directly from Japan was way too expensive. Thanks to my younger brother taking on the challenge to take and ship orders we can now make a limited number available, so get one quick!

Follow this link!


Final day in SF

Our trip wrapped up today with a final day in San Francisco area and a quick trip to the Berkey area. Checked out some outdoor shops, the North Face Outlet store, a book store, Italian Lunch, Downdown North Face store on Post street, shot some portraits with Ian and Kami and had a nice dinner with Scott who has helped us set up this trip from the beginning! Also the weather was beautiful again! Big thanks to the city and all TNF crew who helped us out it has been a super productive trip! Can’t wait to get back!

The North Face Umeda station Osaka

Just got back from Osaka, a quick one night trip to shoot the interior of a new North Face store. I guess this was the renewal opening of a mall section located underneath the Japan Railway right next to the Umeda station. That whole area has undergone a major renovation with the Opening of a new huge mall right above the Osaka station. First time I have explored
around that area, will report on the city in a separate post, for now here are some photos from the store.

A North Face + store, which means the Helly Hansen brand is also featured along with a selection of outdoor gear from Stanley, Granite Gear and more. It is a spacious location with making for easy shopping, plus the whole mall is based on an outdoor theme so you can compare and shop other brands as well. Montbell has a huge shop in there with all their gear plus stuff like canoes and mountain bikes etc., I never really thought of Osaka station as an outdoor mecca, but I guess it is the stopping off point for people on the way to the mountains.

The North Face Kanazawa Reception

Here are some shots from the opening reception for the North Face Kanazawa store. DJ Nori was there to select the music, Hikari set of the sound system nicely, the food was brought in from Tokyo including an incredible Parma ham from Italy! Very nice evening indeed. In total 4 hours of snacks shopping and conversation, my feet and back were tired before I even started work taking pictures of the store! The photos of the store are in the post below. We always have to wait until after the reception is over and the staff can put the store back together. The includes cleaning up, moving furniture, displays, lighting etc., It usually takes about an hour to two hours just to get the store back to a state where I can take shots. Then the staff has to leave the store for about 30 minutes while I shoot, they don’t minds as that is when they finally get to eat some of the left over catering! Thanks to the staff for a nice evening.

The North Face Store Kanazawa

Just back home from a quick trip to Kanazawa for the opening of a new The North Face + store. The + store includes the brands Helly Hansen and Champion as well as all the North Face gear, plus items like Alite, Stanley and Granite Gear etc., Beautiful store, large and spacious, located on the Wi-Fi street shopping arcade. I guess there is free internet access on the street, there was even American radio playing as BGM on the street. Kanazawa stepping to the young generation I guess! Check out the store if you are in the area!

And check out the great car I spotted outside the store.

TNF Sapporo store renewal

The North Face store in the Ikeuchi building here in Sapporo has been renewed and moved to the first floor. Went to the opening reception on the 14th to check it out and take pictures. What a beautiful store, really make the Ikeuchi building more atractive I can tell you that. High ceilings, lots of space to wander around and spend time looking for what you want. The wood paneling they used is the same maretial from the new store in Harajuku. Although the Sapporo Factory store is Hokkaido’s largest TNF and has the history to be called the flagship, I have a feeling we are going to see a shift to this new location. The Apple store is just down the street, Zara is moving across the street and there is a Starbucks next to that, what more can one need?

Check out the Photo’s

Neil Hartmann X North Face photo tee

Very proud to present my photo T-shirt that is now on sale at North Face Japan stores nation wide!  This is only the second photo T I have ever had so I am very happy to see this being produced.  I had a photo T produced with the Blueblood brand a few years ago, now The North Face has chosen a few images to use on these two T-shirts.  These are all winter images that I shot in Hokkaido and Tateyama.  The Black and white mountain shot is from Tateyama.  This photo is a favorite with the North Face Japan staff, and they used the same image for a store display in Sapporo and Kyoto.  The second T-shirt with the four images of snow were all shot in Hokkaido.  If there is a North Face store in your neighborhood please stop by and check the shirts out!  Thanks!

The phrase that appears below the photo is a copy that I came up with for a TNF advertisement that appeared in a magazine last year here in Japan.  It was a photo of a guy climbing some crazy rock wall and it said “Trip of a Lifetime.”  The ad was well received so I guess that they decided to stick with the same phrase for the T-shirts.