Cool photo cometition

Action sport photo comp with a slide show showdown final in Whistler BC. We need something like this in Japan. Olympus is a Japanese company…. They need to improve their image in Japan…

Check out Jeff’s site one of the photographers in the competion.


Still Life Hakkoda!

The yearly “Still Life” feature has been released on! Check it out. A double slide show feature from our trip to Hakkoda at the end of January and beginning of February. and Detz always make the coolest design and layouts and I love being a part of the Still life trips! Thanks guys!

T-Tune T-House

Thanks to all who showed up for the slideshow at NAC last night. I was suprised and very happy to see so many people turn out to watch me show a few photos! A lot of foriegn faces showed up as well, which made me wonder if I should do my talking in Japanese or English of both…. Ended up doing the whole things in Japanese, so very sorry if some couldn’t understand what I was talking about. Have only done this slideshow style presentation a few times so I am still trying to work the bugs out, but it is a lot of fun. I used my very old slide projector and even showed a bunch of my old family photos that were given to me by my Mother.

As always I don’t have any photos from the event itself, I was too busy talking/setting up/DJing etc.,

After the event I ended up visiting Takeda (T-Tune) house and crashing on his sofa. A classic Niseko style vacation house that was built about 30 years ago. It had a lot of local flavor so I snapped a few photos to share with you here.

Check it out the movie selection at T-House, TB2, and Sapporo Classic beer!

Hayato and Yamauchi thanks to those guys for coming to every single event!  Appreciate the support guys!

The drive home this morning was quite nasty.  It was raining or snowing most of the way.  A slushy layer of crap was on  the roads and made the drive a swerving style affair.  My trusty camper was not liking it very much at all.


Niseko Slideshow tonight

Attention all Niseko residents!  I will be performing a slideshow and also DJing some music at N.A.C. tonight the 19th of December.  The store on the first floor is having a  family sale right now with lots of discounted gear.   The  Slideshow will be on the second floor in Jojo’s.  If you live or work in the area please stop by and say hi!

Check here for access.  Map

Friday is party time

Yesterday I packed up the car and made my way downtown to Concept  Shop
to set up for the event and party on the 17th.  I will be there from 3pm until 10pm so please stop by and say hi!  It is always a lot of work setting up for these events.  Big thanks to the staff and Tsukasa who stopped by as well to help out.  I think we did a good job of hanging the photos and decorating the store.  If you can’t make it out tomorrow then try to stop by before the end of the year as my photos will be on display until then!

There is going to be some good food and drink, Sachiko was there working hard to prepare some green curry, Tandori Chicken, salad and more.  Entrance is free!


Next event in Sapporo!

Posted this earlier today on my blog so you may have already seen it…

Next up! Release party at “Concept Shop by Garage 69″ in Sapporo. I will be there on December the 17th from 3pm to about 9pm. Please stop by if you are in Sapporo. I will do two slideshows and also some DJing! It is going to be a fun party in a very cool shop!

Slideshows from 5pm and 8pm.

そこで、今年最後のイベントはゲンテンスティックやマウンテンリサーチなど、”山”にまつわるショップ「ConceptShop by garage69」で楽しい企画満載で開催します!!