Blotto was here!

The legendary photographer Blotto has been hanging around Sapporo for the last week or so. Blotto always makes the coolest blog posts filled with short stories and great travel photos, check out his reports from Sapporo! I was not able to meet up with Blotto and his crew this time, but hopefully he will be back again next year! Thanks for stopping in!

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Burton Girls

Nice to be featured on the Burton girls website with a little interview about the latest edition of Car Danchi.

Fundays Sundays

Yesterday was one of those amazing sunny spring days with no wind perfect snow conditions, lots of friends hanging out hiking and riding, laughing and eating and drinking! Good times for sure here at Nagano’s Tsugaike and Bluebloods Fundays. We partied afterwards at Hakuba’s famous Yakiniku joint, Miyama! So this morning was kind of slow as we cleaned up and tried to clear the alcohol from our bodies. So this photo report come a little late, but maybe you already saw some shots on my Facebook wall.

Staying a few more days here in the Tsugaike area to try to shoot some more photos with the Blueblood team, then it will be off to Tokyo for an event before heading back to Sapporo.

Current State, New book from Benedek out now!

David Benedek is a genius as far as I am concerned. I was very lucky to have a chance to travel and collaborate with him on the now classic snowboard film “In Short”. He has now finished working on his latest project, a book called “Current State” Another soon to be classic project, it is only being released in very limited quantities direct order through the web site. It will not be sold to stores. Check out the official website here.

Vimeo channel is here.

Facebook page is here.

Now watch the teaser for the book another brilliant piece in concept and editing. Congratulations to David, can’t wait to get a copy in my hands!

This is my Winter Japanese Subtitles version

The Japanese subtitles version of Xavier’s “This is my Winter” is now on vimeo for viewing! Please watch this movie if you have any interest in snowboarding and or mountains or mountaineering! Great film, 28 minutes long, plus I worked hard to make the subtitles look good so give it a read!

Chile Shred Report

I love these little “Go Pro” filmed and edited travel/snowboarding pieces that everyone is making these days. Really gives you a sense of the conditions, the adventure and the travel vibe! This one found on the Jeremy Jones blog, the master of shred travel and adventure! Movie by, Marcin Jaskolka