TNF Weekend Highlife

THE NORTH FACE Weekend Highlife tour is back for 2012!  I will be joining the tour as official photographer so I hope you can join us to ride some powder in Niseko!  Tomoki and the TNF Snow team will be leading the tour so you know we will be riding in the best spots!  Hope to see you there!





開催日時 2012年2月17日(金)~19日(日) 2泊3日

3-6人部屋利用の場合 59,800円
2人部屋利用(希望)の場合 63300円

宿泊予定 ニセコノーザンリゾート・アンヌプリ
048-1511 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町字ニセコ480-1

参加資格 ゲレンデをスムーズにライディングできるスノーボーダー、スキーヤーの男女(バックカントリー入門者可)

募集定員 30名(最小催行人員10名)

参加予定ライダー 高久智基、小松吾郎、豊田貢、下村基樹、その他

午前8時頃羽田空港集合、航空機にて札幌 千歳空港へ。千歳空港より送迎車にてニセコへ。 到着後フリーライド(*リフトパス別料金)

19:30より「This Is My Winter」上映会、パーティーを開催致します。

朝食前 特別営業のリフトでTNFライダーとファーストトラックセッション。朝食後フリーライド(*リフトパス別料金)

東京 03-3341-0030
大阪 06-6946-9111


Next stop Sapporo!

Fukuoka was a great start for the “This Is My Winter” Japan tour. We had a great crowd of Fukuoka locals and snow lovers show up to watch the movie. Both the experienced crowd and the people who have never even been on a snowboard before, were both amazed by Xavier and the film. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone until close to midnight at the store.

Next stop is Sapporo! It is going to be a good night so please come and check it out. It does not get much better. Free movie, free beer and like-minded people! Come by subway so you can drink!

A couple shots from the Fukuoka store.

Shinya’s guide service

Long time Car Danchi crew member Shinya Nakagawa is now mountain guiding year round in the Asahikawa area. Based in Higashikawa at the base of Asahidake he is leading tours and days trips in the area. If you plan a trip to the area look him up it will be well worth your time to have him guide you around in any season! Check out his blog and site for more up to date info!

Outdoor Life Support

Tateyama SLR report

A Gallery of pictures from my trip to Tateyama last week. Always takes a little time to get my SLR pictures into the computer, injest, process, disect, keyword, organize, adjust, export, upload, and Blog.

We another great trip to one of my favorite spots in Japan. The first two days were rainy, but I think we got lucky with two sunny mornings, a great sunset and a little fresh snow.

Although the North Face tour was cancelled for spring it will be back in action this come fall. Mid November from what I hear, so stay tuned and hope to see you there! We did get to meet some of the die hard TNF fans as there were two other tours going on while we were there. A Powder Company tour and the Atlas tour. Enjoy the photos

It has been awhile

Schedule has been maxing out lately, so I have been way behind getting my blog updated. Somehow managed to keep the blog going while in Niseko, but that was about all I could do. Tomorrow I am off to Tokyo and then a week long adventure on the main island! Have decided that Car Danchi 5 deserves a section on the main island. Looks like it is going to snow this week so the timing should be good. I will be visiting Niigata to catch up with a very special snowboarder. More on that when it happens. Then filming plans with Masa Takeuchi at his Cat boarding service. Also planning to stop by the Tenjin Banked Slalom that is happening on the 5th and 6th of March. Looking forward to this trip hope to see you all there!

For now here is a selection of Instagram shots from the weekend Highlife Tour in Niseko!

Canoe at Lake Sapporo

Hoheikyo Onsen here in Jozankei is starting up a new canoe tour service.  I went out with the guides for a tour around the lake a few weeks ago.  Great spot although it can get a little rough if the wind picks up.  This is a lake created by the Sapporo Dam, hence the very creative name “Lake Sapporo”.  Wow, how do they think up these names?  The tour comes with Iced Chai tea and a hot spring bath after you get back to Hoheikyo!

You can find full details on the Hoheikyo web site here.