New short movie released!

A new series for The North Face Japan is now on-line for viewing! Called Mountain Basics, Vol. 1 is focused on Mt Fuji. Locals guides talk about why they love the mountain and what you need to be prepared to hike Japans highest peak. It is very basic information so those who already enjoy trekking and hiking will probably not be interested in the info provided, but there are some nice views of Mt. Fuji and it never hurts to review the basics!


Trip Your Travel movie taking off

Very happy with the reception that “Trip Your Travel” movie is getting on The North Face YouTube channel! This is something new for me, a project non winter related, non snowboarding related, non Car Danchi related etc., This is a fashion based movie made to promote a line of clothing by The North Face, but you won’t really know it until the end. If you like California, travel, West coast lifestyle etc., take 10 minutes to check it out! Also check out the great music from Ted Russel Kamp and Clint Lapointe that I was able to use for the soundtrack.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.48.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.54.54 AM

Vice guide to Karachi

I really enjoyed watching this 5 part series on Karachi from the Vice site. I love the street level journalism that Vice has pioneered, you really get an idea what it is like to be there and what is really going on. Check out the last episode where the host and interviewer Suroosh Alvi, actually rides in a car with a hit man and talks to him about his life and “work”. I don’t think you would see that happen on CNN. Keep up the good work Vice!

Big thanks, Big snow

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy Birthday on Facebook and with emails and phone calls!  It was a really nice birthday and it feels pretty good to be 40 and still snowboarding and doing what I love!  Thanks to all for the support!

It has been a crazy busy start to a new year both for me personally and for the world at large.  It has been dumping snow here in Hokkaido non-stop!  We are having the biggest winter in 30 years and it is an incredible thing to be witness to.  The snow banks keep piling higher and I am wondering where we will be putting the snow in a months time.  We are running out of spots already here in my neighborhood.  The snowboarding conditions are needless to say all time.

This week I was shooting all over, Niseko, Rusutsu, and even in the zones near my house.  Here is a little gallery selection of shots from my iPhone, enjoy!


Well internet access in Sayulita Mexico was rather limited and things were so busy I didn’t really have time to make an update to the blog. So here we are in the lounge at the airport with wireless connection and a few spare hours, time enough to make a post or two.

Here are a couple of travel style photo’s from the last few days in Sayulita.

USA Day 5 cruising the city

Spent the day touring around Berkley and Bay area with Kaburaki. Beautiful weather continues in SF!

USA Day 3

Tomorrow is race day, so in preparation we got up early today and drove around most of the course checking out the aid stations etc., Wanted to get an idea of the roads and driving times. We got lucky with some early morning coffee and then an epic sunrise over the city! Then more prep shopping, chinese food for dinner and now try to get to sleep asap. Tomorrow we wake up at 2:30am race starts at 5:00 Sun doesn’t rise till after 7:00am!