The North Face Outdoor Meeting Tateyama

The detailed information about the Outdoor meeting this year at Tateyama is now on line! Check it out and make your reservation today! This is a super fun event and great way to experience Tateyama one of Japan’s most amazing mountains. North Face web site is here


You can watch the documentary about the event in April


“Hello!” Party in Sapporo

Today I went to meet Shinya at Raku-zen and talk about the party there in November. Check out the flyer below. I am going to be there with Uemura for our only Sapporo showing of UE_snowboarder, if you are in Sapporo please come and check it out! Please check out Keiphoto site for more info! Today Kei was there setting up all his photos in the bar! Good stuff, you can check out his photos in B.C.G. and mine in Raku-zen all month until the party on November 22nd.


Yatto visit in Harajuku!

Just got back from Tokyo. I met up with “Yatto” Volcom teammate and now new addition to the Arbor team in Japan. We met in Harajuku and visited the shop you see below. The are selling all the new Arbor boards both Snowboards and Skateboards. Arbor makes some really beautiful boards, bamboo and Hawaiian wood cores, full wood grain. Would be worth just putting one on your wall, if you have that kind of cash to spend. If you are looking for an Arbor board, stop by the shop right behind Omote Sando Hills. Brother Cross 03-5772-3916


Chihara Hiroki Family shooting!

Yesterday I went to shoot family photo’s with the Chihara Family! It was great to meet his wife and son! A very cool snowboarding family!!! Please check out the story in the special issue magazine Family Snowboarding from Trans-World magazine coming out soon! Here are some photo’s from the shoot! Special thanks to Aya-san for the photo’s and nice interview! Check out Aya Kubota’s blog!