Gallery is open!

My Instacanvas Gallery is now open and ready for business! is a new service that allows people to pick and order photos to be custom printed on canvas in three sizes and shipped directly to your door. Where do the photos come from? Instagram! the popular photo blogging service that Facebook thought important enough to pay a billion dollars for!

I personally think it is important enough to have shot and shared over 3500 photos with the application. It is fun and easy and now I have the opportunity to make some of those photos available for sale in my gallery. I have gone back and selected a bunch of shots that I like from my feed over the last three months. There is a little bit of winter photography, and some more recent shots from my two-week near Mt Fuji and even my trip to Okinawa where I am right now.

I plan to keep this gallery active and fresh and I have some interesting ideas how to utilize it. Check it out directly and bookmark if you like it check back every now and then! Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy!


Big thanks, Big snow

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy Birthday on Facebook and with emails and phone calls!  It was a really nice birthday and it feels pretty good to be 40 and still snowboarding and doing what I love!  Thanks to all for the support!

It has been a crazy busy start to a new year both for me personally and for the world at large.  It has been dumping snow here in Hokkaido non-stop!  We are having the biggest winter in 30 years and it is an incredible thing to be witness to.  The snow banks keep piling higher and I am wondering where we will be putting the snow in a months time.  We are running out of spots already here in my neighborhood.  The snowboarding conditions are needless to say all time.

This week I was shooting all over, Niseko, Rusutsu, and even in the zones near my house.  Here is a little gallery selection of shots from my iPhone, enjoy!

UTMF Website

Very excited to have my photos used on the official UTMF website. As you may know the race was originally schedule to be run May of this year, but it was cancelled due to the Earthquake and Tsunami on March. So the new dates for the race are May 18th and 19th of 2012 and the 100 mile portion is already full! The half race still has room for competitors so please check it out if you are interested in Trail Running and or just checking out the area. It will be a really great chance to check out a spectacular area of Japan!

Now go and check out the website! Thanks


Well internet access in Sayulita Mexico was rather limited and things were so busy I didn’t really have time to make an update to the blog. So here we are in the lounge at the airport with wireless connection and a few spare hours, time enough to make a post or two.

Here are a couple of travel style photo’s from the last few days in Sayulita.

USA Day 3

Tomorrow is race day, so in preparation we got up early today and drove around most of the course checking out the aid stations etc., Wanted to get an idea of the roads and driving times. We got lucky with some early morning coffee and then an epic sunrise over the city! Then more prep shopping, chinese food for dinner and now try to get to sleep asap. Tomorrow we wake up at 2:30am race starts at 5:00 Sun doesn’t rise till after 7:00am!

Trans-World Japan new issue

I have a few photos published in the new issue of Trans-World Japan.

I would have preferred a two page spread for this photo of Shunsuke @ Hikarigahara Cat service, but I won’t complain too much.

A few more pics on a Backcountry related page.

Check it out at a bookstore near you!



Kamuiimintara Exhibition

I don’t think I have ever met this photographer, Ryan Libre, but he seems to spend a lot of time exploring and photographing the Daisetsuzan National park here in Hokkaido. Great photos! and he has an exhibition happening soon, check it out. More info on his blog here.