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The cover up keeps getting bigger

Traveling in the Tohoku area right now has once again reminded me how badly this area and these people are being screwed by their own Government. Yesterday I met a young guy from Ofuna city, which was hit badly by the Tsunami last year. He lost three close friends and said he was only saved because he was snowboarding when the earthquake happened so he was far away when the Tsunami hit. Listening to people’s stories here is incredible. They have been through so much and all they get in return is high radiation dosages, contaminated food and a Government that can only provide free rides on the Highway system in Tohoku. Lame, this really lame cover up continues to go on over here.

Interesting and thought provoking article here, I love this quote from the story.

“No one trusts the national government’s safety standards,” said Ichio Muto, 59, who farms organic mushrooms in Nihonmatsu, 25 miles northwest of the Fukushima Daiichi plant”

Is is really possible to claim organic on any produce from the Fukushima and greater Tohoku area anymore? Radiation is not a pesticide….but….

Jazzy Sports Relay

Jazzy Sports Relay at APPI last night!