Split Board Day

Was able to go for a hike using the split board today with Key Photo. Had to return the favor and take some photo’s of Kei!! So we went for a hike to test out the gear and the snow at one of our local hiking spots. Amazing snow quality today! No wind and light snow falling all day. Was great to be out hiking in the woods again, I love it so much!   So quiet, trees caked in snow, and no snowshoes or heavy snowboard on the back! Love the split board, great to be back on one.

Split ready

My full set up.

Nice day and nice turn from Kei!



My favorite photographer

Any photographer who will take the time to shoot a photo of another photographer who was too lazy to carry his backpack and decided to do a half assed method underneath the lift…. Well that is my favorite photographer!  Key Photo shoots Neil Hartmann at Moiwa in Niseko!  Thanks Key I owe you one!


Split Board set up

Pulled out my Burton Split board from 2004 and decided to tune it up in preparation for this season. Planning to shoot some split boarding scenes with Shinya this year. Looking forward to using the split board again, I was really into it for awhile, but no one really switched over to split board. So I gave up and went back to snowshoes, at least that way I could hike together with everyone. This year plan to do plenty of both.

My stance width was 52cm so decided to widen that up to 57cm.  Not sure why it was so narrow.

Fresh coat of wax on both the Fish and the Split, ready to go.

Seasons pass

You know what?  I have a problem with seasons passes.  The winter resorts have created a great system that lets you ride cheap (if you ride a lot) if you buy a seasons pass, and really cheap if you buy it early.  The problem here in Hokkaido is that there are so many resorts all within driving distance of Sapporo, that people are now forced to make an alliance with one resort.  Some people choose the Kamori Network, and have the choice of Rusutsu and Teine and Nakayama, I live close to Kokusai so that is my obvious choice.  People who live in Niseko buy the Niseko all mountain pass and then seldom leave the area.  My problem is that I have lost almost all my friends during the winter.  The only guy I know who bought a Kokusai pass is Uemura and he is out of town right now.  So there I was at Kokusai today, three feet of powder, sunshine, and I am all alone.  No one to share the pure joy with.  What about selling a mega pass, a season pass to beat all season passes.  The Gold Card of winter, the ALL HOKKAIDO PASS!  It could be really expensive and I think I would still buy it.  Just to have the ability to go anywhere at anytime and ride without having to pull out my wallet!  That would be the ultimate pass.  I could see my friends again and not have to high five myself all day long…..

Stopped to take a shot of Tengu Dake on the way home today.  What an amazing mountain, look forward to hiking in trying to shoot something there this season.


Rui stopped by yesterday with his Super 8mm camera.  He is working on a solo film project this year, look forward to checking out his super 8 footage.  Here he is chatting with my neighbor. 


Today I got a call from a friend who needed help getting his car started.  His fuel pump is shot and he need a jump start to get the car going.  When the car finally started a huge ball of diesel gunk exploded out of his tail pipe covering the snow and even hitting my car.  It was really nasty.  So  this is my eco-photo of the day.


Santa arrived

Santa decided to show up a little late with this years present! Woke up to 35 cm of powder in the front yard this morning! Was planning to go riding, but decided to cancel, too much snow!  The roads are going to be crazy, will wait for the night riding or tomorrow.


Before shoveling

After shoveling…. not much change, it just keeps snowing!


Merry Christmas everybody

Holiday greetings to everyone out there around the globe!  I had a nice turkey dinner and presents with the family today, hope everyone has a nice Christmas day as well.  Always a fun time of year, Santa could have brought a little more snow, but….

Always enjoy getting interesting email from friends around the world at this time of year.  Here are two good ones.

Gonzalo Manera, a Spanish photographer I know sent me this beautiful photo.  I guess the location is Spain… makes me want to visit.  Check out Gonzalo’s web site here.


got this image from an old friend named Taro.  He is hanging out in France right now and found this graffiti on the street there.  Nice!

To all my friends both known and unknown around the globe, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!