Goma art show at TNF Sapporo

Goma’s art work is on display and on sale at the Ikeuchi Sapporo store until the 19th of August! He will be hanging out at the store this weekend so might be a good chance to stop by and check out the paintings and talk to the man! Good party at the opening on the 13th here are a couple of pictures!


Instacanv.as gallery updated

I added a bunch of new pictures to my Instacanv.as gallery and found out that they have made some big changes there. First the shipping rates have come down again, now $9 flat rate anywhere in the world! Wow that is certainly within reach now for those of us outside the USA! They also have some new products besides the simple canvas prints that were offered until now. Framed photos and a cool new type called the Prism! Looks pretty cool. Be the first one to order one!


Mino and Akira exhibition

A little promotion for the local artist friends. Mino Yusuke from the Car Danchi movie series and artist Akira are joining up for an exhibition at Teine’s pro shop Trial. Mino makes nice frames to go with his photographs. Check out the art and the store if you are in the neighborhood.

From 7 Nature Usagi Kids Relief Assistance Team

Got this email report from my friends Toru and Natalia. Interesting commentary and photos. They do great art work and workshops for childern around the country. They are gathering donated goods and will continue to do so for some time. Please read below for details as to how you can contribute. For more detail info please go to their website here. www.oak-to-all-relations.com

They also have a cool message T-shirt for sale with all proceeds going to earthquake charity. “No Nuke” T-shirt! I gotta get one.

Dear Friends in Japan and throughout the world.
7 Nature Usagi Kids Relief Assistance Team have delivered the relief supplies donated from Miyagi-Sendai Port-Watari and held the Earth Kids Workshop in the evacuation center of Okuma Elementary School. We presented the messages written on a 10-meter cloth by children from eastern and western Japan to people in the evacuation center, and received another 10-meter massage from them to everyone in the country. When I visited the evacuation center and areas that had been affected by tsunami, what I felt most strongly was that the supplies were not enough. A lot of supplies were delivered at first and it seemed that many areas had once put a STOP to the supplies. Then medias turned their focus to Fukushima, and no continuous information has been provided since then, resulting in the necessary supplies being kept out. When I talked with people who have been affected by the disaster, they said they wished people, even just curious onlookers, can come to the area and look at the actual state by themselves. The area that has been destroyed by tsunami is in eastern Japan, about 500 km long and 2 to 3 km wide. Even everyone in Japan came to help, it wouldn’t be enough. I felt that a support system with a long span of around 5 to 10 years is essential for the recovery. Children in the evacuation center were so energetic that I felt that we are the one who got encouraged.

Donation of relief supplies for children is continuously appreciated.
The needs of supplies may change from time to time in the future, right now they need new clothes for children, toys, snacks, stationery, everyday sundries, new underwear (adult/ child), baby items, daily necessities (insect repellent, fabric softener, kitchen bleach, shampoo, rinse), etc.
Please send to:
7 Nature Usagi Kids Relief Assistance Division
Nishi Ochiai 4-12-8-103,
Shinjuku, Tokyo 161-0031

Oak-to-all-relations, a member of 7Nature Usagi Team, produced the “Everyone is an Earthist” T-shirts for kids relief assistance.

T-shirts designed by Oak-to-all-relations for the relief assistance of the earthquake are now available. All the profit after postage fee will be used as the expenses to help people who have been affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and to buy aid supplies needed for the recovery of the disaster area. We will keep you posted on the relief assistance activities of 7 Nature Usagi on our blog. Thank you in advance for your warm support.

We wish to offer our deep condolences for those who perished in the disaster and our sincere sympathy to those who have been affected by the tragedy.

There are two colors: white or gray; and six sizes: S/ M/ L or Youth S/ M/ L. Youth S size is about the same as XS for female. If you would like to order two colors/ sizes or more, please specify in the message box. For example, white M size 2, gray S size 1.

Please send your order to the email below:

The price is 20Euro per T-shirts, postage excluded.(Europe,USA,The other country)

The price is 2,500Yen,Postage Included(Japan)

Thank you for prepaying in advance. We will send you our bank account information for payment by email after we have received the order. We appreciate your payment within 7 days after the order. Your order will be sent out within 10 days by letter pack EMS after we confirm the payment,

* Bank transfer fee is your responsibility. *

Thank you in advance for your continuous support.

Festival in Jozankei

The annual “Kappa Week” festival is coming up in early August here in Jozankei.  I just got the flyer for the event so will share with you all here.

The first flyer was made by the local tourist association, and it covers info about the whole week long program of events.  Certainly it is not the most stylish flyer, but it gets the job done.

Next up is the  flyer made by the Yamada Laboratory.  It is much more on the stylish side and this one covers the art related events taking place during the festival.

The On Cafe crew will be at “Gensen Park” cooking hot dogs and selling iced cucumbers, cookies, flowers and more.  The park will serve as an open cafe all week long, so as long as the weather holds, there should be good times had by all!

Sketch it up

Recently went through an old sketch book I had laying around the house and found a bunch  of stuff that I have forgotten about.  This is a sketch book I had since I was in elementary school back in the states.  Somehow it has stayed with me for the last 26 years.  I found a few pages filled with storyboarding from the very first snowboard film I made called “Introduction”.  This is one of the movies I am planning on reissuing on DVD this year.  I might use some of these scans in the package design or maybe for a menu on the dvd.

Now check out some of the classic sketches I did when I  was about 12.  I have never been much of an artist as you can see from the sketches, but after 26 years it is kind of fun to see what I was doing at the time.

Is this my Bin Laden sketch?  This was long before Al Qaida was a known word, maybe I had a premonition.


Yo MJ!  Actually looks like MJ crossed with Mr. T check out the thick neck!

Side note, I have now idea why I initialed these sketchs as N.J.  There is no J in my name…. must have been my sketch name.

Keep sketching everybody!