A brief History/Jukai

Stumbled upon this short movie, great narrating from Tom Waits and the film is about the artist John Baldessari!

And in an attempt to emulate the technique of many great modern artists I will combine that selection with something completely different.

A movie about the Jukai forest near Mt. Fuji where I just came from. Sadly know in English as the “Suicide Forest”


Mt Fuji scouting day two and some old cars

Yesterday another great day cruising around the Mt. Fuji area scouting more locations, making lots of discovery’s in this beautiful area. Found a place that loves old Jeep’s, they had quite a collection of old cars.

The little Deities

Check out these little guys I discovered at a remote temple today in the Mt Fuji area. Classic little bibs have been placed on them with tender loving care. Did the person picking the bibs have a sense of humor? Or maybe they are just random hand-me-downs from local Mom’s who live in the area. Winnie the Pooh? Mickey Mouse? Great stuff.

Location scouting at Mt. Fuji

Arrived here at Kawaguchiko yesterday afternoon and got to work right away location scouting and trying to get a feel for the area. First time I have rented a car and driven around the area. You really have to drive and look at a map to understand and truly get to know an area of this size. The upcoming UTMF race will cover 160 kilometer of trails! Today I did a big loop around Mt. Fuji checking out and logging all the Aid Stations into my trusty Car navigation system. I feel like I am ready to drive the course at night now and still be able to find my way around!