Car Danchi 7 teaser released!

Check it out a new edition of my Car Danchi movie series is going to be hitting stores on the 20th of September 2013 and then iTunes a little bit after that!

“Hang on we are about to reach warp speed!”
“We are in 7th gear and there is no turning back now! The 7th edition of the Car Danchi winter lifestyle series takes you on a trip deep into the powder of Northern Japan. The Danchi crew grows with new additions from our European family joining the free ride sessions, and the bottomless powder does not disappoint with one of the biggest snow seasons on record. Keep your seat belts on for this high-speed powder ride as we take the art of the turn into 7th gear and beyond.”

The 7th edition of the Car Danchi series come with another incredible music selection featuring some of Japan’s best techno, deep house and future Jazz along with an international selection of Hip Hop, acoustic rock and funk. If this wasn’t a snowboard movie it could be a compilation mix album!

Featured artists:
EPICK, L.E.D., Flare aka Ken Ishii, Kuniyuki Takahashi, INO hidefumi, Clare Means
Clint Lapointe, Charles Rangel, Seboo

ニール・ハートマンがプロデュースする全世界待望の車団地シリーズ最新作「Car Danchi 7th GEAR」が遂に動き出した!!日本のフリーライディング、スノーサーフィンといった質の高いライディング・シーンはもちろん、ライダー達のライフスタイルを追いかけたドキュメンタリー・ムービーの勢いは今年も止まらない。

今回の最新作では、ヨーロッパの団地メンバーAntti AuttiやAlvaro Vogelといったライダーも参加し、北海道の道北でディープ・パウダー・トリップの模様を収録。また現在のスノーボード・シーンで注目を集めている、日本のフリー・ライダー清原勇太や小林優太の熱いバックカントリーの攻めや、長年、Car Danchi住民になっているお馴染みの山内一志、中川伸也、見野雄祐らの、気持ちいいライディング・スタイルも収録。

加えて今回の作品に使用されているニールのこだわりのセレクションというサウンドトラックが、作品に絶妙なエッセンスを加えている。日本のテクノDJ KEN ISHIIのニュー・プロジェクト「FLARE」からのエレクトリック・グルーヴや、INO hidefumi、L.E.D.、Kuniyuki Takahashiのジャジー・スタイル。そして今回、アメリカのアンダーグランド・アーティストで、EPICK、Clint Lapointe、Charles Rangelらも参加。

独自の世界を世界に向けて更に加速するCar Danchi!!観たら滑りたくなるスノーボード&スキー・ムービー、それがCar Danchi!!


中川伸也、清原勇太、渋谷謙、小林優太、山内一志、見野雄祐、石川寛文、増田塁揮 、吉野”ヤット”康人、奥村幸司、Antti Autti、Alvaro Vogel、Tyler Chorlton、植村能成、Paul Vanderheiden a.k.a Boarder-san、下村基樹 、土井隼人

DVD Distribution and inquiries:

〒150-0047 東京都渋谷区神山町2-10 吉田Yビル3F
TEL: 03-6273-2686 / FAX : 03-3468-2658
mail to

Visualize Image K.K
2-10 3F Kamiyamacho Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 150-0047
TEL: 03-6273-2686 / FAX : 03-3468-2658
mail to

Package cover photo: Key Photo
Rider: Ken Shibuya
Package Design: etsu


Car Danchi Christmas gift!!!

Still looking for a stocking stuffer or gift for that snow loving friend? Want to get something unusual and hard to find in North America? Does your friend babble on about Powder lines, Japan, and sleeping in Cars? Then this is the perfect gift! A copy of the latest edition from the “Car Danchi” series!

Car Danchi NO.5 is now on sale in the USA. There is still time to get one before Christmas! Order your copy today from Outdoor-nut

Until now if you wanted a copy of Car Danchi in the USA or Canada you either had to fly to Japan to get one or resort to less than legal mean to procure a hard copy. Well finally we have made things easier and don’t have to feel guilty about hitting that download button! Buy it from the source! The Official Car Danchi store for North America. Car Danchi NO.5 is the only movie on sale right now, but stay tuned as we are looking to add more product soon including previous editions of the movie and more.

Length: 45 minutes and some secret bonus!

Price: $35.00

Sold through the Outdoor-nut in North America

Haruki Takeuchi
Hayato Doi
Hideki Takeda
Hiroshi Fujiwara
Katsushi Matsui
Kazushi Yamauchi
Ken Shibuya
Masanori Takeuchi
Motoki Shimomura
Shinya Nakagawa
Shunsuke Hoshino
Takaharu Nakai
Takaku Tomoki
Takamasa Imai
Yoshinari Uemura
Yuusuke Mino
Yuta Kiyohara
Yuta Kobayashi
Yuu Nishiyama
& Terje

The Music featured in the movie is all produced by Japanese or artists residing in Japan. From straight funk, to more ambient tracks every track is one you will want to include in your library.

Music by: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Higashida Tomohiro, Kuniyuki Takahashi, DJ Sebastien aka Seboo, L.E.D., 9dw, KINGDOM AFROCKS, Pampas Field Ass Kickers

Keep your engines running, we are keeping the dream alive! The ultimate snowboarding lifestyle powder movie is back, after a two-year recharge! In this year 2011 even natural disasters and nuclear meltdowns could not stop this crew of determined dreamers. We drove, found and filmed the best powder spots in Japan, and we want to share it with you. A snowboard movie like no other, showcasing the “Art of the turn” in glorious powder definition, enjoy 50 minutes of winter bliss, and keep on dreaming!

The Car Danchi series is always filmed at the best backcountry and side country locations around Japan. The famous spots like Niseko and Nagano are covered, but we also try to find new and unknown backcountry locations. This season we found some great spots in Niigata while cat boarding, Asahidake and even some great spring riding in Niseko’s Annupuri area.

Locations: Niseko, Furano, Asahidake, Tazawako, Hakuba, HakkodaTomamu


Check it out a new online movie from Antti Autti featuring a lot of stuff filmed on his trips to Japan. Antti has been a legend in Japan for a long time now due to his regular podium appearances here at the Toyota Big Air and of course the X-Trail Jam. As you will see from this movie not only is he a contest veteran, but he is now focusing on mastering the world of powder and natural terrain. I have always been a fan of Finnish snowboarding, not only has that small country produced some of the finest riders throughout history, but they also know how to make films. There is a lot of filming and editing talent coming out of Finland and this is no exception. Looking forward to seeing Antti back in Hokkaido this coming winter.

Click the link to watch the movie.


Meet Yoshitomo a 64 year old Gentleman and train fanatic who I met last month in Furano.  I bumped into him on top of a hill trying to get a photo of the Furano town and ski resort.  He was there  waiting to shoot a train that was scheduled to come by.

We chatted for a while and he even showed me some of his collection of photos shot around Hokkaido over the years.  Thanks to the the camera hanging around my neck I was able to meet another Hokkaido/Nature/camera lover and share a few minutes together.

Retired and single after his wife passed away, Yoshitomo now makes day trips around the island to shoot mostly trains and sometimes a good nature shot.  No business involved, just doing it because he loves trains and pictures.

Here is one of the trains we shot together, though not the one Yoshitomo was waiting for.

Yoshitomo shoots exclusively on print film and carry’s around a lot of his prints in his tiny mini car.  Wrinkled and well worn from showing them to people and carrying them around, those prints had a lot of flavor and history.  Great stuff.

The train Yoshitomo was waiting for.  Classic Hokkaido train shot in the Furano valley, hope to see you again Yoshi!


Sunday I had a job shooting photos for a North Face sponsored event at the Sapporo Factory. By the time that was all done it was time for me to drive directly to Furano. I had another hotel to shoot and I wanted to get there early in order to shoot with the sunrise.

Nice room with a view

Nice lavendar pots sitting on the table.

Lavender field!

Check it out I am in full nature photographer mode!  Butterfly in action!

Entrance way.

Interesting note.  This property was originally built by an insurance company.  So was the hotel I shot last week in Jozankei.  Both were what is known as “Hoyojo” in Japanese.  Not sure what the exact translation is, but basically it is a property owned by a company and used exclusively by the company employees.  Company retreats, seminars, maybe a place to bring important clients etc.,  Well now the insurance companies are all going down the drain and they are selling off their properties at bargain basement prices.  So a few smart hotel owners are buying them up.  A quick remodel and bingo you have a high end hotel open for business!

This is truly an incredible property, secluded, huge peice of land, lavender field, garden, 25 rooms, 5 minutes from Furano Ski area, French quisine etc., etc.,

Car Danchi 4 T-shirt sample

Yesterday when I got home I stopped by Takamasa’s house and picked up the first samples of the Car Danchi 4 T-shirts! We made 20 to start with, these will be for the riders and all those involved in the making of the film.

Decided to go with a black T-shirt and use the package design for the front. We are going to add a written message on the back for the actual production version. T-shirts will be available in limited quantities at select shops around Japan. We are still taking orders at this point so not sure what stores will stock the shirts yet.


Here is what the T-shirt will look like with a message on the back. We decided to use a quote from Yamauchi in the movie, which is “Arigataya….” or “Thank you….”a s in “Thank you Lord for this blessed powder!”

Final teaser

The final teaser for Car Danchi 4 is now up on YouTube check it out!

The final installment in a series of five teasers for the new snowboarding movie Car Danchi 4 “Rent”. In this edition rider “Yatto” explains how to eat cheap at the Japanese version of 7/11. Every yen counts as we spend the winter living in our cars searching for the ultimate powder!