Trip Your Travel movie taking off

Very happy with the reception that “Trip Your Travel” movie is getting on The North Face YouTube channel! This is something new for me, a project non winter related, non snowboarding related, non Car Danchi related etc., This is a fashion based movie made to promote a line of clothing by The North Face, but you won’t really know it until the end. If you like California, travel, West coast lifestyle etc., take 10 minutes to check it out! Also check out the great music from Ted Russel Kamp and Clint Lapointe that I was able to use for the soundtrack.

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Burton Backcountry House

New event coming up in Tokyo for the Backcountry snowboard lover. I will actually be MC for one of the many events taking place. Check out the whole event here.

Looks forward to hanging out with legends Masa Takeuchi and Hiroshi Fujiwara!

The wait is over! Car Danchi on iTunes

After years and years of receiving emails from people around the world, wanting to buy Car Danchi. Some people desperately searching for a web store that would ship them a copy, but to no avail.

Well the wait is finally over! Car Danchi 6 is now on sale through the iTunes store! Yes the dream has come true! Why it took so long, I don’t even know, but I am happy to make the movie available to everyone now regardless of where you live or how you want to pay. You can buy or rent and the price is cheap! So if you have been wanting to get a hold of the Car Danchi movie series, please download your personal copy! Car Danchi 6 D.I.Y. on iTunes!


Now if you are a little more old school, don’t like the whole iTunes thing or maybe you are a true collector of snowboard movies on DVD. Well then I have you covered on that end as well. Go to this website (Slope Fanatic) and you will be able to order from Car Danchi 5 and 6 plus my book Bluetiful! If you order the DVD you will get a nice selection of bonus footage, plus fun menus and of course a nice package that you can hold in your hands. so either way its a win win!

#7daysinalaska video release

Here it is folks! My short film from last months trip to Alaska with HUGE magazine. A little preview of the upcoming art installation that will show at three of THE NORTH FACE Japans stores starting from December. Photography by Mizutani
, Styling by Ryoji Homma and video by yours truly. Music for this flick was recorded live at Gus Engle’s house in Anchorage! Thanks Gus for the acoustic version of “Kids on the Run” Check it out and give it a share if you like. gallery updated

I added a bunch of new pictures to my gallery and found out that they have made some big changes there. First the shipping rates have come down again, now $9 flat rate anywhere in the world! Wow that is certainly within reach now for those of us outside the USA! They also have some new products besides the simple canvas prints that were offered until now. Framed photos and a cool new type called the Prism! Looks pretty cool. Be the first one to order one!

DSK Feature

I was just looking around the website and found that they had done a feature on DSK and his new album that was release last November. Great album filled with cool guitar instrumentals and the booklet and cover is made completely with my photo’s. I think I blogged/bragged about it once before when the album came out… Check it out again and if you read Japanese follow the link and read the article with DSK. Oh yeah why not pick up a copy of the CD as well! Thanks!