Neil’s Niseko with Niseko Village

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Things have been beyond busy here at One Films HQ this fall! Lots of events all over the country for my Car Danchi 8 film and I have been working behind the scenes on a few upcoming projects. One of them I can make the official announcement about as this project has gone live on the web.

I am going to be showcasing one of my favorite area’s this coming winter, can you guess where? Niseko of course. I have partnered with Niseko Village to share some of my photo and video work on their global website through a special page called, simply “Neil’s Niseko”. Niseko is not technically mine, wish it was though. I will be doing my best to capture what I love about Niseko and share some of that on the site.

There is a special “Car Danchi Niseko classics” edit on the site for viewing now and also a daily countdown with photos until the opening of the resort on 12/1

Please check in every now and then and I hope to see you on the slopes this coming season!

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