Final Blog post for 2011

Lets end 2011 blogging on a nice note.  A musical note.  A classic and timeless track from the Beatles.  There was certainly a lot of turmoil and suffering in this year 2011, with Earthquakes and Tsunami’s and Nuclear Disasters topping the list here in Japan.  So lets all keep this message in our thoughts as we enter and new year and a new chance to make things right.

Thanks for following the blog this year and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!


TNF Weekend Highlife

THE NORTH FACE Weekend Highlife tour is back for 2012!  I will be joining the tour as official photographer so I hope you can join us to ride some powder in Niseko!  Tomoki and the TNF Snow team will be leading the tour so you know we will be riding in the best spots!  Hope to see you there!





開催日時 2012年2月17日(金)~19日(日) 2泊3日

3-6人部屋利用の場合 59,800円
2人部屋利用(希望)の場合 63300円

宿泊予定 ニセコノーザンリゾート・アンヌプリ
048-1511 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町字ニセコ480-1

参加資格 ゲレンデをスムーズにライディングできるスノーボーダー、スキーヤーの男女(バックカントリー入門者可)

募集定員 30名(最小催行人員10名)

参加予定ライダー 高久智基、小松吾郎、豊田貢、下村基樹、その他

午前8時頃羽田空港集合、航空機にて札幌 千歳空港へ。千歳空港より送迎車にてニセコへ。 到着後フリーライド(*リフトパス別料金)

19:30より「This Is My Winter」上映会、パーティーを開催致します。

朝食前 特別営業のリフトでTNFライダーとファーストトラックセッション。朝食後フリーライド(*リフトパス別料金)

東京 03-3341-0030
大阪 06-6946-9111

The most hardcore

Check out this guy we discovered on the road two days ago.  I have named him Mr.Bear because of the stuffed animal strapped to the back of his bike.

We followed him for at least 15 minutes, watching him slip and slide along at about 17 kilometers per hour.  He was riding a Monkey bike 50cc with a back pack and plastic case.  His plates said his was from Yokohama and we wondered where he was going.  Finally we pulled up next to him and shouted, “where are you going”  His answer was simply “Furano”  Now you have to understand Furano is a 3 hour drive from that point in a car on a good day.  This was in the middle of one of the worst storms I have ever seen on hardcore driving conditions in a near white out.  I can only hope that Mr. Bear made it to Furano!

Respect to the hardcore.


We are having a record snow year here in Japan here is a little evidence.

“Jack the Movie”

Check it out, I have started a new project for 2012 together with Blueblood here in Japan. WE WANT YOUR FOOTAGE of snowboarding! Shoot yourself, your friends, your dog snowboarding whatever, then post it to YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link. If selected your footage gets used in a new movie called “Jack the Movie” to be released next year. Check out the details on the flyer below then get out there with your camera and get some shots over the New Year holidays!