Film Festival I would like to go to!

This is what films festivals should be like, when are we going to have one like this in Japan???

Snowboard Garden Festival – Teaser 2012 from Snowboard Garden Festival on Vimeo.


My little town

Candle light festival happening in my little village until this coming Sunday! big thanks to all the community volunteers working hard to keep the candles lit in some cold and snow conditions!

UK Snow Film Festival is back

Just agreed to have the new Car Danchi NO.5 shown in the UK at the next edition of “Snow Films Festival” If you are in the UK please check out the movie on the big screen there. We will be showing with Tanner Halls new film “Retallack the movie! An honor for sure!

Check out their website for more details etc.,

UK Snow Films Festival

Festival in Jozankei

The annual “Kappa Week” festival is coming up in early August here in Jozankei.  I just got the flyer for the event so will share with you all here.

The first flyer was made by the local tourist association, and it covers info about the whole week long program of events.  Certainly it is not the most stylish flyer, but it gets the job done.

Next up is the  flyer made by the Yamada Laboratory.  It is much more on the stylish side and this one covers the art related events taking place during the festival.

The On Cafe crew will be at “Gensen Park” cooking hot dogs and selling iced cucumbers, cookies, flowers and more.  The park will serve as an open cafe all week long, so as long as the weather holds, there should be good times had by all!

Banff Film Fes

Just back from the Banff Film festival. Was nice to see a big crowd come out for the event. I only made it to the evening showing, but I heard the day showing had over 400 people so that is pretty good! The films were all entertaining, but the killer punch came from the final film of the evening called “King Lines” Amazing documentary on the climber Chris Sharma! Great great film, was really impressed with that. Inspired now to get back out there and make more films. Making of feature on the apple web site you can check out here!

Shinya has a mighty fine t-shirt on for the showing!

He also has a nice new Canon G9 with a leather case and strap, damn.

Key photo fights back with a brand new Mac Book!  Wow the new gear is flying all over the place!

Go to Banff!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is coming to Sapporo! I got my tickets do you have yours? If you have the time this coming Sunday lets go out and support this event and the independent filmmakers who produce the films!

If you need tickets or information either go to the Patagonia store in Sapporo or give them a call at 0088-252-252 There are two programs one starts at 2pm and the next at 6pm. for more info check out the web site. See you there!