Burton Backcountry House

New event coming up in Tokyo for the Backcountry snowboard lover. I will actually be MC for one of the many events taking place. Check out the whole event here.


Looks forward to hanging out with legends Masa Takeuchi and Hiroshi Fujiwara!


Sapporo to Takamatsu

Always request a window seat! Two flights this morning to get from Sapporo to Takamatsu. That is Hokkaido to Shikoku if you are not familiar with the city names. First flight out of Tokyo was rather un-photogenic with a solid cloud cover most of the way. The second flight from Tokyo to Takamatsu was a fresh site. The multitude of small islands and inlets in this area of Japan is truly amazing.


Some random snapshots from my trip to Tokyo and Hakodate last week.  The mountain is Komagatake near the Ohnuma lake

One Films joins Higashida Tomohiro live!

This is still a month away but thought I would get the info out early for the early planners!

One Films and Blueblood will be teaming up to create a booth at the Higashida Tomohiro live concert event in Tokyo October the 23rd! This is going to be a fun show and I am planning to be there. Will be selling copies of Car Danchi 5 and hope to display and sell some original photography. Check the fliers below for more details, spread the word!