Timelapse nights

Great time-lapse footage, great song, and a nice slide show at the end that shows some behind the scenes footage of the equipment used to make the movie.


The Denali Experiment is up!

Great movie from THE NORTH FACE, with super footage and editing skills from the Camp 4 Collective. Very impressive to see this team put together such high quality film making at such high altitude! Featuring the Skiing of Sage and Snowboarding of Lucas Debari. Excellent.

Although I was injured with a few broken vertebrae in my neck during this expedition it was awesome to live vicariously through the edit process! cheers, ~reo
“In a lot of ways, this is the antithesis of the modern ski porn flick. A lot of rock star skiers and not much skiing! Ha! Well, hopefully having a narrative helps the piece along. It was a tough piece to put together with all the different characters. I decided to focus the story on Sage and Lucas and was hoping the piece would give people a sense of who those two characters are besides being rock star skiers/snowboarders. I often feel like the whole process of skiing and who the skiers actually are gets lost in most of the films today.” ~jimmy chin
Free-ride skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and big mountain snowboarder Lucas Debari step out of their elements and make an attempt to climb, ski and snowboard Denali. Sage and Lucas get a helping hand from a huge cast of seasoned and professional climbers and ski mountaineers from the North Face Athlete Team, including Hilaree O’Neill, Conrad Anker, Ingrid Backstrom, Jim Zellers, Emilio Previtali and Giulia Monego, as the two embark on the hardest expedition of their lives.
a camp4collective production
Director : Jimmy Chin
Cinematographers : Jimmy Chin, Matt Irving, Adam Clark
Editor: Renan Ozturk
Motion Graphics: Barry Thompson, Eric Bucy, Marty Blumen
Additional Media: Teton Gravity Research, Absinthe Films, Colby Coombs, Renan, Sage and Lucas
Color: Anson Fogel

Shot with the 5D and TM900

Tomamu Cat Tour info

Check it out the Tomamu Cat Tour featuring Mino Yusuke and me Neil is back for the second year in a row. I will be filming and editing a special DVD for the customers that join the tour, so please come and ride with us! This is a special tour supported by Yonex snowboards and One Films. Hope to see you there!




Check it out a new online movie from Antti Autti featuring a lot of stuff filmed on his trips to Japan. Antti has been a legend in Japan for a long time now due to his regular podium appearances here at the Toyota Big Air and of course the X-Trail Jam. As you will see from this movie not only is he a contest veteran, but he is now focusing on mastering the world of powder and natural terrain. I have always been a fan of Finnish snowboarding, not only has that small country produced some of the finest riders throughout history, but they also know how to make films. There is a lot of filming and editing talent coming out of Finland and this is no exception. Looking forward to seeing Antti back in Hokkaido this coming winter.

Click the link to watch the movie.