Amazing mountains

Back in the big city of Tokyo already missing the mountain views of Hakuba and Tsugaike. It was a real pleasure to spend another week of my life in the small mountain town of Tsugaike. We were very lucky with the weather, alternating between sunny and rainy days with an even split right to the end. We ended on a sunny day today. I was able to wake up a little early and go for a walk before breakfast where I snapped a few of these pictures of the surrounding mountains. 3000 meter peaks are hard to get tired of staring at, hope you enjoy as much as I do. Society in general seems to have made the switch to spring and the mountains are pretty empty of people. It is a shame really because this is such a great time to visit the mountain and ski hills. Tickets are cheap, the weather is stable and good and the high peaks are still a beautiful white. Who cares if you don’t ski or board, just go and take the gondola to the top snap a few pictures and have a draft beer like we did at the Hutte on top of Tsugaike! Enjoy the view with a buzz!


Fundays Sundays

Yesterday was one of those amazing sunny spring days with no wind perfect snow conditions, lots of friends hanging out hiking and riding, laughing and eating and drinking! Good times for sure here at Nagano’s Tsugaike and Bluebloods Fundays. We partied afterwards at Hakuba’s famous Yakiniku joint, Miyama! So this morning was kind of slow as we cleaned up and tried to clear the alcohol from our bodies. So this photo report come a little late, but maybe you already saw some shots on my Facebook wall.

Staying a few more days here in the Tsugaike area to try to shoot some more photos with the Blueblood team, then it will be off to Tokyo for an event before heading back to Sapporo.

April Sprays!

Unbelievable snow today in Nagano’s Tsugaike resort! We rode high season like powder all morning! So epic! April 6th! What a day!

Car Danchi Christmas gift!!!

Still looking for a stocking stuffer or gift for that snow loving friend? Want to get something unusual and hard to find in North America? Does your friend babble on about Powder lines, Japan, and sleeping in Cars? Then this is the perfect gift! A copy of the latest edition from the “Car Danchi” series!

Car Danchi NO.5 is now on sale in the USA. There is still time to get one before Christmas! Order your copy today from Outdoor-nut

Until now if you wanted a copy of Car Danchi in the USA or Canada you either had to fly to Japan to get one or resort to less than legal mean to procure a hard copy. Well finally we have made things easier and don’t have to feel guilty about hitting that download button! Buy it from the source! The Official Car Danchi store for North America. Car Danchi NO.5 is the only movie on sale right now, but stay tuned as we are looking to add more product soon including previous editions of the movie and more.

Length: 45 minutes and some secret bonus!

Price: $35.00

Sold through the Outdoor-nut in North America

Haruki Takeuchi
Hayato Doi
Hideki Takeda
Hiroshi Fujiwara
Katsushi Matsui
Kazushi Yamauchi
Ken Shibuya
Masanori Takeuchi
Motoki Shimomura
Shinya Nakagawa
Shunsuke Hoshino
Takaharu Nakai
Takaku Tomoki
Takamasa Imai
Yoshinari Uemura
Yuusuke Mino
Yuta Kiyohara
Yuta Kobayashi
Yuu Nishiyama
& Terje

The Music featured in the movie is all produced by Japanese or artists residing in Japan. From straight funk, to more ambient tracks every track is one you will want to include in your library.

Music by: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Higashida Tomohiro, Kuniyuki Takahashi, DJ Sebastien aka Seboo, L.E.D., 9dw, KINGDOM AFROCKS, Pampas Field Ass Kickers

Keep your engines running, we are keeping the dream alive! The ultimate snowboarding lifestyle powder movie is back, after a two-year recharge! In this year 2011 even natural disasters and nuclear meltdowns could not stop this crew of determined dreamers. We drove, found and filmed the best powder spots in Japan, and we want to share it with you. A snowboard movie like no other, showcasing the “Art of the turn” in glorious powder definition, enjoy 50 minutes of winter bliss, and keep on dreaming!

The Car Danchi series is always filmed at the best backcountry and side country locations around Japan. The famous spots like Niseko and Nagano are covered, but we also try to find new and unknown backcountry locations. This season we found some great spots in Niigata while cat boarding, Asahidake and even some great spring riding in Niseko’s Annupuri area.

Locations: Niseko, Furano, Asahidake, Tazawako, Hakuba, HakkodaTomamu

Blueblood is shooting

A couple of shots from the Blueblood day one shoot.

Mino fell in a hole in the spring snow.

Hayato with no highbacks on his binding, and still able to make this deep carve.

Yama and Hayato

Yama getting a closer look.

Ken and Nami and  Kohaku the new family, congradulations!

Hajime helping to test my lighting set up.

Guro-san also helping out.