Three days out

Just back from a three day shooting trip to the interior of Hokkaido or I.H. as I like to say. Great sunny day and then yesterday was cloudy and windy, but at least it didn’t rain like it did here in Sapporo and most of the west coast of Hokkaido.

My favorite cheap gas stand “Moda”


Oh yes!

40 cm fresh pow

Mino hiking for an early morning line

Yatto and Oku-chan show up a little later.

Late afternoon Sled mission.

My breakfast in the car

My home.

Sun burned, and happy mountain face.


New DVD’s

Some new DVDs arriving here at the house. My long time friend and video producer Mitsuya has produced a new film entitled “Wonder Vision”. I went to the preview a few weeks ago and was pretty stoked on the movie. Filmed all in high vision, he is even releasing the movie on Blue Ray disc here is Japan. Might be hard to find a copy of this movie as he doesn’t use a major distributor, but you should be able to find a copy at the more “hard core” stores around Sapporo.

I ordered this movie from Visualize Image and it arrived today. Haven’t even watched it yet, but have heard a lot of good things. Supposed to be a very cool Avalanche documentary. That reminds me of the funniest sign I have ever seen in my life. A classic Japanese misspelling of the English word avalanche. This is from a sign at the top of Niseko Village (Higashiyama). “Do not enter ABBA Lunch testing in progress.” ABBA Lunch, wow! I want a t-shirt with that printed on it.


Watch the preview below.

Sled Head

I am turning into a sled head. All I think about is sledding now, snowboarding has lost a lot of its appeal. Ok, maybe it is not that bad, but it could happen. Sledding is a lot of fun. Today we rode for about 50 kilometers, around Nakayama mountain pass. Two days ago it rained all the was to the top of the mountain pass. Now it has gotten cold again and snowed about a foot. The hard layer underneath is very very hard crust. It made for some difficult snowmobiling conditions. Very slippery on the downhill sections and also the steep climbs. I was doing great until I got stuck four time in a row trying to get out of a tough spot. Thanks to the boys for digging me out! Ue, Yatto, Oku-chan and Akiyata-san!

Re-gluing my skins

Finally got a few minutes to work on re-gluing my split board skins today. Bought Black Diamond re-glue application at Shugakusou a few weeks ago but never had the time. One of my skins was really bad, almost no glue left and after hiking for about an hour there was a thick layer of snow between the board and the skin.

Also just today I happened to be checking out FYI Design departments blog and there was a post about some split board specific bindings.  Check this out.  Looks pretty interesting for people using the Viole split board system.  I am still on the Burton system, but since they don’t make it any more it is only a matter of time before I also switch over.  Will look at getting a pair of these binding a.s.a.p

If you want to see how they perform under tough conditions watch the video below.  Jeremy Jones uses this binding to climb and ride a crazy chute.  The helmet cam footage convinced me that I would never want to follow him down.  If fact I don’t think I could even make the climb up….  I am such a spoiled little Japowder wimp.  Respect to Jeremy!

[ak] movie package

The [ak] movie arrived yesterday.  First look at the special promo DVD in a package.  Nice artwork and the package looks great.  This is a super limited run of 1000, so it is going to be hard to get your hands on one.  Try one of the Burton stores, or a store that stocks a lot of Burton gear here in Japan.  Or just go to and download the HD files and burn yourself a copy!


Welcome home!

Nature welcomed me home today with 60 cm of heavy snow all over my front yard.  My neighbor came over with the bulldozer and we worked for two hours to clear just in front of the house.  The single biggest snow fall that I have ever seen here.

The picture does not do it justice, but what you see right there is a whole lot of work!


My savior


Buried in and locked out.


Two hours later things are looking good.