Tateyama SLR photo selections

A few photos from my day and a half in Tateyama. These photos were shot with my new D7000 and processed with Aperture. All the earlier blog posts I made below were directly from my iPhone.

No it is not graffiti, just helping people find their way to the top when the fog gets thick.

Still a lot of snow up there, but the locals told us less than there was at the same time last year.

There were at least 6 or 7 snow crossings on the path up to Oyama.  Felt great to be back on snow again.  I did a little shoe boarding on the way down, nice to get that sliding feeling, even if only for a moment.

Small shrines are all over the mountain, some are probably hundreds of years old.

Local Toyama elementary school kids hiking down from the peak.  Had to wait close to ten minutes in some spots for the traffic jam to pass!  Great to see these kids hiking this kind of big mountain.

Shrine at the peak.

Decided to start my pin badge collection.

Feeling very purified now!  Ready to get back home and start editing the new Car Danchi 5.


Tateyama SLR report

A Gallery of pictures from my trip to Tateyama last week. Always takes a little time to get my SLR pictures into the computer, injest, process, disect, keyword, organize, adjust, export, upload, and Blog.

We another great trip to one of my favorite spots in Japan. The first two days were rainy, but I think we got lucky with two sunny mornings, a great sunset and a little fresh snow.

Although the North Face tour was cancelled for spring it will be back in action this come fall. Mid November from what I hear, so stay tuned and hope to see you there! We did get to meet some of the die hard TNF fans as there were two other tours going on while we were there. A Powder Company tour and the Atlas tour. Enjoy the photos

Back from Tateyama

Back from a short trip to Tateyama. I joined Adventure Guides and the Burton AK 457 team for a two day trip to Tateyama just days before the mountain closes for the winter season.  We got super lucky with good weather on the first day.  That night the wind started howling and when we woke up in the morning it was a full on blizzard!  The second day of riding was canceled and we left the mountain a little early.  Already looking forward to getting back to Tateyama in the spring.

The tour consisted of 15 customers, lead guide was Kondo-san from Adventure Guides and guest riders were  Masa Takeuchi and Shunsuke Hoshino.

The Ogizawa station at 8am.  At this time of year there are almost zero tourists, the only people in line are hard core skiers and snowboarders with many a few mountain climbers.  The vibe was good everybody super excited to get up on the mountain and check out the powder.

Gear gear and more gear.

Hiking up Yamazaki-curl



The sunset was one of the best I have ever seen at Tateyama.  The sun low on the horizon at this time of year, plus the air was crystal clear.  In the spring the sunsets are longer, but the sky tends to have a layer of dust that does not make for great photographs.  Below the group takes a minute to check out the sunset.

Now check out day two.  I took a few minutes to walk around the outside of the Tateyama hotel and station.  The tent crew have set up there little village just outside the hotel, but with the wind blowing like it was I have trouble even finding the tents.  A hearty crew heads out into the storm in hopes of finding a line to ride….  I hope they made it back.

Thanks to the Burton staff for a nice trip!

Women’s style book

The North Face has come out with a small pocket-sized Women’s Mountain Style book for the upcoming fall-winter season.  They chose three of my photos for the project.  Two shots from Kirkwood, California and one shot from Tateyama, a riding shot featuring Miyake Yoko.

Nice quality printing on paper that feels cool to the touch.  The photos turned out well, with a nice contrast.  Here is a look.

I did not shoot the fashion photos, but thought I would share one here.

Neil Hartmann X North Face photo tee

Very proud to present my photo T-shirt that is now on sale at North Face Japan stores nation wide!  This is only the second photo T I have ever had so I am very happy to see this being produced.  I had a photo T produced with the Blueblood brand a few years ago, now The North Face has chosen a few images to use on these two T-shirts.  These are all winter images that I shot in Hokkaido and Tateyama.  The Black and white mountain shot is from Tateyama.  This photo is a favorite with the North Face Japan staff, and they used the same image for a store display in Sapporo and Kyoto.  The second T-shirt with the four images of snow were all shot in Hokkaido.  If there is a North Face store in your neighborhood please stop by and check the shirts out!  Thanks!

The phrase that appears below the photo is a copy that I came up with for a TNF advertisement that appeared in a magazine last year here in Japan.  It was a photo of a guy climbing some crazy rock wall and it said “Trip of a Lifetime.”  The ad was well received so I guess that they decided to stick with the same phrase for the T-shirts.