Absinthe Trailer!

Amazing as always!


Film Festival I would like to go to!

This is what films festivals should be like, when are we going to have one like this in Japan???

Snowboard Garden Festival – Teaser 2012 from Snowboard Garden Festival on Vimeo.

Goma art show at TNF Sapporo

Goma’s art work is on display and on sale at the Ikeuchi Sapporo store until the 19th of August! He will be hanging out at the store this weekend so might be a good chance to stop by and check out the paintings and talk to the man! Good party at the opening on the 13th here are a couple of pictures!

Instacanv.as gallery updated

I added a bunch of new pictures to my Instacanv.as gallery and found out that they have made some big changes there. First the shipping rates have come down again, now $9 flat rate anywhere in the world! Wow that is certainly within reach now for those of us outside the USA! They also have some new products besides the simple canvas prints that were offered until now. Framed photos and a cool new type called the Prism! Looks pretty cool. Be the first one to order one!