Car Danchi Camper for sale!

The Camper van has been sold!  Thanks to all who sent in offers!

Camper van for sale!

The legendary camper featured in the snowboard movie series “Car Danchi” is for sale!
Custom built on a Toyota HILUX truck Manual 5 Speed 2800cc 3L engine. This camper is made for the all terrain all access go anywhere lifestyle!

Legal to carry up to 7 people, and comfortably rides and sleeps 4 or 2 adults and 3 kids.
It has all the basics and none of the unneeded items like a shower that you never use.
It features a sink a table.  Plug for external electric hook up

Window screens and shades.
Very warm to sleep in even in the winter.
Has a heater that runs off of the diesel fuel (I never used it).
Air suspension for level sleeping and carrying heavy loads.
Summer and winter tires included.
Shaken for TWO YEARS. Valid until 2016 July 14th. Just paid ¥170,000 for that!
Stereo / CD player

Best offer takes the camper! Including a full tank of gasoline, window washer fluid, an ice scraper, sunscreen for front window and maybe a few other goodies!

Time limit for offers August 15th

Price ideas.  My local car repair master tells me the Toyota Hilux is worth about ¥600,000 just as parts.  A check of similar campers on the internet shows some dealers selling this type model with similar mileage for about ¥1,200,000 or more.  So some where between those two numbers!

I have added a form at the bottom of this post to send in comments, questions, and offers!

Now check out a few photos for details!

Look how good it looks on the road!

Camper 1

Camper 6

Spare tire on the front.  Needs to be removed for the bi yearly “Shaken” test.  This keeps the car registered as a vehicle under the 5 Meter limit which means ferry fees and highway tolls are the same as a passenger car.

Camper 3

Camper 4

Large awning rolls out and makes for a shady spot.  Fiamma brand.

Camper 9

The body is not much wider than the truck itself which makes driving easy on Japan’s rather narrow roads.

Camper 7

Screen door and step.

Camper 8

Beds ready for sleeping!

Camper 10

Table mode.

Camper 14

Camper 11

Sink and storage.  The sink is basically there to keep the “8” (camper) license number.  I never had the need to use the sink as there are sinks and bathrooms all over Japan.  The doesn’t mean you cannot use it, there is a tank underneath the camper that collects the drain water as required.

Some storage space underneath the sink and storage under both seats.

Camper 12

Electrical control and battery check panel.

Camper 13

Windows have built in screen and shade.  Just pull up or down depending on the season and activity.

Camper 16

HID headlamps that cost me ¥50,000 and are worth the cost.  Very bright and makes for safe driving!

Camper 17

Electrical hookup.

Camper 18

Captains position!

Camper 19

Storage space behind the drivers seat.

Camper 20

Now if you still want to see more watch the video I made about the camper below.  All in Japanese but you will be able to get a good idea of what it looks like and drives like!


年式 H5(1993)
燃料 軽油 3L
乗車定員 7名
走行距離 85773 キロ

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