Smooth and stylish

This is the guy who gave me some of the coolest MC jobs back in the day! At the time he was working for Burton and we did classic events at Tokyo SSAWS indoor resort and the Nippon Open Half Pipe events right after the 98 Olympics and lots more cool stuff. Now he has gone on to create one of the coolest brands to come out of Japan for a long time Visvim. Check him out! Much respect! Nakamura Hiroki.

Hiroki Nakamura of visvim – Building from the Inside Out from Hypebeast on Vimeo.


#7daysinalaska video release

Here it is folks! My short film from last months trip to Alaska with HUGE magazine. A little preview of the upcoming art installation that will show at three of THE NORTH FACE Japans stores starting from December. Photography by Mizutani
, Styling by Ryoji Homma and video by yours truly. Music for this flick was recorded live at Gus Engle’s house in Anchorage! Thanks Gus for the acoustic version of “Kids on the Run” Check it out and give it a share if you like.

good showing

Thanks to everyone who came out for the “This Is My Winter” showing at TNF Harajuku.  It was a great crowd and it was fun to meet and talk with a lot of snow loving people.  The reaction to the movie was great, it is certainly impressive to watch it on a big screen.  We will be doing only two more showings, at Appi on the 28th and in Niseko on the 18th of February.  Hope to see you there!  If you can’t make it please check in out on your computer screen!


This is my Winter movie tour in Japan

The much talked about and much viewed movie from Xavier de Le Rue is coming to Japan and a NORTH FACE store near you!

I am going to be hosting 5 showings of this amazing snowboard/mountain documentary this season. All are free entrance events, so please check the schedule below and see if you will be able to join us!

2011/12/17 (SAT)

phase 1: FUKUOKA


810-0001 福岡県福岡市中央区天神2-4-25嘉穂無線Bビル

Info 092-739-1101

Open 20:00 Start : 20:45 Close : 23:00

Entrance : Free Beer : Free

Special Musical Host : Neil Hartmann & Daisuke Oguchi

2011/12/22 (THU)

phase 2: SAPPORO



Info: 011-207-4131

Open 20:00 Start : 20:30 Close : 21:45

entrance: Free Beer: Free

Special Musical Host : Neil Hartmann & Daisuke Oguchi

2012/1/11 (WED)

phase 3 : TOKYO


150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-10-11

Info 03-5466-9278

Open : 20:30 Start : 21:00 Close : 23:00

Entrance: Free Beer: Free

Special Musical Host : Neil Hartmann & Daisuke Oguchi

2012/1/21 (SAT)

phase 4: APPI


028-7395 岩手県八幡平市安比高原

Info 03-5468-8106 (THE NORTH FACE PRESSROOM)


phase 5:  NISEKO


048-1511 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町字ニセコ480-1

Info 03-5468-8106 (THE NORTH FACE PRESS ROOM)

Entrance: Free

Open : 19:00 Start : 19:30 Close 21:30

Special Musical Host : Neil Hartmann & Daisuke Oguchi

Base Knowledge Vol. 1 report

Just back from Tokyo and wanted to share the recorded version of “Base Knowledge Vol. 1” here along with a few shots from our set up for the show.

Video streaming by Ustream

It was a lot of fun to finally be involved with a Ustream live broadcast. Something I have wanted to do for awhile now. For 20 years now I have been working in radio, TV, and filming, on both big projects and small. The amazing simplicity and ease with which we can now set up and broadcast a live program to the world is a fantastic feeling. A few cameras a switching board, and laptop computer, that’s it. We got over 6000 total views during the live airing so we were pretty stoked on that, thanks for the support. The next edition is planned for August the 19th, but thanks to the success of this show you may see some other North Face related programs in the near future!

Base Knowledge Vol. 1

I will be in Tokyo to direct the Ustream live broadcast of this workshop. If you are in the Shibuya area on Friday night please stop by and check it out live, otherwise tune in for the webcast.

女性のためのアウトドアライフスタイルショップ「THE NORTH FACE 3(March)」は、アウトドアライフスタイルにまつわるモノやコトを通じて、日々生活していくための知恵や知識を、それぞれのジャンルに精通したゲストスピーカーをお招きし、ワークショップ形式でみなさんと学び合う機会を提供しています。

第1回「base knowledge vol.1」

アウトドアウェアやグッズはとても汎用性の高い道具なのです。アウトドアウエアやグッズのフィールドでの基本的な使い方はもちろん、いかに災害時や日常でも役立つか、その性能や使い方を「THE NORTH FACE WOMEN’S MOUNTAIN ACADEMY」の講師を務める、フリーランスライターの柏澄子さんをお招きし、ワークショップを開催致します。


会場:THE NORTH FACE 3(March)
〒150-0001東京都渋谷区神宮前6-10-8 NAビル


参加費:1500円 当日会場にて受付けます。

申込方法:上記THE NORTH FACE 3(march)にお電話、もしくはファックスにて「6/10ワークショップ参加希望」の旨をお伝え下さい。

登山全般及び山岳地域のいろいろなことをテーマにしたフリーランスライター。 1967年千葉県生まれ、高校、大学の山岳部で登山を覚える。

当日はUSTREAMでのWEB LIVE配信を行います。

If you are on Facebook check out the new TNF (Japan) page and give them a like!

The North Face (Japan)


It has been a crazy week! Had no time to blog, heck didn’t even have much time to sleep!

On Thursday I took a short one night trip to Tokyo for the special reception at the North Face Standard store in Harajuku. This was a collaboration event to celebrate the creation of a new product under the North Face label. For the first time ever Gore-Tex has been applied to the Pertex material and made into what might be the lightest ever waterproof jacket. This limited edition Jacket is for sale at Standard now, so get one before they are gone. This is Tokyo trust me they will go fast. Here are a few shots, you can see more on the web site, click to check it out.

If you want to get your geek on go straight to the 4th floor and read up on the history of Pertex and Goretex and how they combine the materials.  Displays are pretty  cool looking as well.

The Standard entrance and interior has been redone for the event and will stay this way for the next two or three months.

Thanks go to Hayabusa for the nice story and use of my  pics.