Car Danchi 5 release party!

It is time for the traditional Car Danchi bro down party at Sapporo’s own “Booty” this coming Saturday the 24th doors open at 9pm and movies start at about 10pm. Also showing is Build 3 from Director Daigo! Check it out!

Booty Commercial!

Car Danchi 5 teaser in case you missed it.

Build 3

Now for a track to chill out to. Seboo remix


One Family event report

Had a good time last night at the One Family charity event. Not a huge crowd, but it was a good sized crowd and they drank a lot which is good because that money all went to charity. So people were going home drunk and feeling good about it! I shot about 50 people each holding the white board with a personal message to the people in the Tohoku area. You can see the messages below in posts I made live from the venue yesterday. There were a couple of decent messeges, but most people were too drunk to think, or too stupid to think very hard. It is pitiful to see how bad young Japanese people are when it comes to writing Kanji. There were a lot of people struggling to write kanji, one girl couldn’t even manage to write the character for “love”. Pretty sad really.

So here are some shots from the N.C.B.B. live. Basically a Wu Tang Clan style group based out of Sapporo Japan. They perform and record together, but they also do solo projects as well. Fun to shoot the live performance.

Now a little extra action for my loyal readers!

There were a few dance showcases throughout the event.  First a few cute kids dance teams, then later on a sexy showcase from three ladies.

TNF store reception

A few more photos from the North Face Ikeuchi store opening reception. Lots of Sapporo friends and family gathered for the opening, it was a pleasure to meet so many old friends there.

Fukuoka now

Arrived in Fukuoka today to set up for the North Face event happening at the store in Tenjin Friday night. A special showing of the movie “El Capitan” I will be hosting the show on Friday night, starting time is 8:00pm free drinks etc., You can also check out some great photography from Shibuya Yuri with a series of B&W shots from Yosemite.

Here is a little preview

Party time

One of my photos from Tateyama is being used for a party flyer!  The party is next Thursday in Tokyo and the DJ line up is awesume!  Nori, Muro, and even my buddy Oguchi will be selecting tunes!  Oh man I can’t believe I am going to miss this party!  If you are in the greater Tokyo area please go and check it out!

Mountain Party at On Cafe

Tomorrow we are holding a season ending party at On Cafe. If you are a skier, snowboarder, or just a mountain lover come by for some cheap drinks and a chance to meet like-minded people! We’re planning to have these mountain parties at the beginning and end of every season.