New short movie released!

A new series for The North Face Japan is now on-line for viewing! Called Mountain Basics, Vol. 1 is focused on Mt Fuji. Locals guides talk about why they love the mountain and what you need to be prepared to hike Japans highest peak. It is very basic information so those who already enjoy trekking and hiking will probably not be interested in the info provided, but there are some nice views of Mt. Fuji and it never hurts to review the basics!


Trip Your Travel movie taking off

Very happy with the reception that “Trip Your Travel” movie is getting on The North Face YouTube channel! This is something new for me, a project non winter related, non snowboarding related, non Car Danchi related etc., This is a fashion based movie made to promote a line of clothing by The North Face, but you won’t really know it until the end. If you like California, travel, West coast lifestyle etc., take 10 minutes to check it out! Also check out the great music from Ted Russel Kamp and Clint Lapointe that I was able to use for the soundtrack.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.48.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.54.54 AM

#7daysinalaska video release

Here it is folks! My short film from last months trip to Alaska with HUGE magazine. A little preview of the upcoming art installation that will show at three of THE NORTH FACE Japans stores starting from December. Photography by Mizutani
, Styling by Ryoji Homma and video by yours truly. Music for this flick was recorded live at Gus Engle’s house in Anchorage! Thanks Gus for the acoustic version of “Kids on the Run” Check it out and give it a share if you like.

Kodeshi Web and Interview series

I have been working on a project that involves interviewing 7 different and unique athletes and opinion leaders who all have one thing in common. They use a technology called Kodenshi in the clothes they wear. It is a ceramic fiber that is woven into material and used in various clothing items. The fibers reflect your body heat back to you and there by keeping you warmer. Pretty tech stuff, but I will leave the selling to the sales people. Basically I did the interviews with the athletes except for the first one with Miura Yuichiro which you can watch below. Okazaki Tomoko was kind enough to help out and interview the legend Skier! Check it out and for the rest of this month there will be one new interview dropping each week on Thursdays!

The De La Rue Brothers in AK

Lastest webisode from Xavier featuring his younger brother Victor as well. Riding and filming for the upcoming Standard Films movie recently in Haines Alaska. Amazing steep terrain and spines for days! Check out the video and the photos from Tero Repo!